As a Black Woman

As a black woman,


I am dealing with prejudgment.

I am healing from past relationships.

I am feeling every possible emotion.

As a black woman,


I am already labeled as failure.

I am steady erasing negative vibes.

I am heavily grinding for the work of two.

As a black woman,

I have to be ready for anything out the blue.

I have to handle hate from those who was supposedly on my side.

I have to make shit right constantly,

Even if that means separating from the crew.

As a black woman,

I am emotionally draining.

I am physically pushing through the complaining.

I am mentally teaching myself to remain humble.

For every lick I rumble,

My feet will not stumble.

As a black woman,

I am doing my best to remain spiritually connected to God the only way I know.

I keep my verbal thoughts positive.

I truthfully cannot control others.

Big thumbs up to us single fathers and mothers.

Some have to bee both.

Why be an ass?

No time to sugar coat.

As a black woman,

I am striving to love a black man.

I am living to make a lifetime of commitment and passions transpire.

As a black woman,

I am winning so that we can go even higher.

I say this all to say as a black woman,

Of course, I am labeled as a person of color.

Of course, there are going to be hate from my own kind.

Not even just from a sister or brother.

No one is exempt.

Hell we all eat bread and butter.

As a black woman,

I experienced early on what is white power.

I am not upset they did not want me in the higher tower.

This is the world that we live in,

Where we was chosen to be born in sin;

Not everyone want you succeed.

Fuck that shit,

As a black woman,

I refuse to plead.

Life these days toilet paper thin.

It’s fucked up when you cannot even lean on your flesh and blood,

You know those we consider kin.

Well true stories,

Real life,

No worries.

I am a woman,

I don’t give two flying fucks about the color of my skin.

You cannot tell me you are better until you show me what is deeply rooted within.


As a black woman you can tell me anything,

Boast about everything,

Step on my toes for anything.

I am still going to get up even after being knocked down.

As a black woman I will show you that there is no way of stopping my win.

Giving up and letting you have my happiness is a sin.


As a black woman,

I will push even harder to try again.

The end.







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