Support the Movement

I love letters,

I love words,

I just love things that make sense,

Even if it’s not in the right form of tense.

I love the way words get created,

Even if it come out dense,

Words stick,

They cannot be rinsed.

I love love writing,

I know there’s no fighting that,

Words and writing,

writing and words…

I just want it to travel far enough,

Reach out to those who are looking for something spicy,

a little bit of icy,

it’s words that will stick…

it’s real life words that I picked,

Real stories that I had to catch and take my lick.

All in all support the movement,

Send me great love!

For the words I have a strong passion,

it was given to me from above,

support the movement…

my great assassin😘😘

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