Ugly Stare…

Crying softly inside,

Walking away from so much pride,

Times are changing,

I wasn’t born just to ride.

People support,

Then, there are those who want to see you fail in court.

Damn, just recapping a year ago,

I was sitting in confinement for the first time yo..

No other feelings to sort.

Wondering was I dreaming a nightmare,

How dare family show they do not care?

Life for 🐝,

It’s been fair to extremely unfair…

Now that I am aging,

Question me,

I dare.

You do not know me if you never seen me raging.

At this point,

My voice is out of commission,

Fuck anything that wanna judge me behind a joint.

I’m caging.

My feet are staging.

I’m done raging.

Catch me blogging and writing ebooks,

Dancing all types of ways,

Hustling to the end,

Scoring major plays.

I’m not grown,

I’m mature,

BEEing XXXtra,

cause I can…

Definitely do not need another’s permission,

Especially if you not my man.

If i did,

I would simply be a kid.

This world is outrageous.

Going crazy on them still,

I forbid.

Keep judging me,

I’m still going to be that buzzing bee.

Confused much,

Well you see,

My mouth is as raw as an uncut version when a couple hit the sheets bare.

Never been mean,

Never been the one to not have a heart,

but since I see hardly any support,

I easily think cut off,

I only need those who need me.

Now that I know better,

Now that I know I get even wetter,

Now that I make bigger moves,

I will let you know there is an ugly stare that should be sent if you choose to put a dent.

Never get 🐝 out the groves.

Never think I’m going to lose….

There is no more crying inside,

I skip over those who lie,

I walk away from those who hold too much pride,

All in all,

I was never born just to ride.

but if you chose to stop me,

I forgot to tell you I do not hide,

I just dish out the ugly stare inside…


#izzybtheblogger #izzybthepoet

#izzybtheauthor #izzybthewriter

#bpaw 🐝🐾📱🗣📚✒️

#backtalkBEE 👥🐝

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