Preparing to release my ebooks are never stressful; in fact, it is rewarding. Rather I make a big hit, small, or none. I look to the sky and say “thank you I won.” A lot of things that I was chasing growing up was not meant for me to ever get the lime light, for every dream I had I gave a dog fight. Yet, something was always missing. My right steps. The better preps. The circles that were too tight for me to squeeze in. I was never set to be anyone’s shadow. I was blessed early on with a mind that is undescribable, but beyond inspiring yet the rejection of everything I seen my two feet land in simply did just the opposite.

Tip toes, sports feet, and a mean treat of brains.. I understand why many do not want me to go hard like I have to do, but hey this what happens when you have to boss up silently and BEE TRUE!!

Next up to the plate…

#MOREPOETRY #MoreEbooks #bpaw #backtalkBEE

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