backtalkBEE- sneak peek from Izzy B’s upcoming EBook



I remember when you stood by my side when I took those disgusting ass horse pills to depurate my ass for being so fresh. Yet, I did not get enough. My walls still wanted to absorb for the squirt and creampie; however, it could not decide who should be the only boo. Both of them thangs were slanging; stallions, breaking backs and doing spiderman crawls, banging.. I felt like I was in thug passion. One of them was ready to release the best dick out there, it was caged up like fucking monsters waiting to attack at a ready made war. So, you know what that was doing..stirring up the pot of mac and cheese; straight raw n uncut, animal chewing. Then, here comes that country town type of love, straight hard dick all day, no fucks were given. I’m about getting this nut out my way type of meat, plus it was a free agent since “the one” was playing around with her mister..of course had to lock that in real quick… You should have cooked your grits a little better..Do not BEE MAD, my dishes always thick. NOW, carry on…Truth is this the moment we chose to pick and let stick. You know the game, and living a double name HEY, tech, and tech brought back the game…UGHHHHH then wake up BOOM here comes THE TRUTH. MY FLAMES 😦 YES I WAS PISSED AF but understand before you assume… we do not do that flake shit from the boot. Dammit to h e double l hockey sticks, NOW the joke is on me. That’s what you get bee, trying to buzz and bark in the same tree. HERE GOES YOUR NEED JOURNEY, LIL E






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