who is in love these days????? i’m tired of reading about hating, crimes, and divorces.. where my happy people, unbothered lovers that can post shit, and hold down what’s between the sheet of their covers? like real talk, you people need to get it together.. y’all setting these little girls to be dog ass females whereas i’m raising my son to treat one right and don’t do all that fighting and love hard. but THIS WORLD IS A WILD CARD….

seems like love shouldn’t exist due to the damage that’s being done, smh !! somebody speak up ! wake up! anybody.. you got kids that’s gonna be wondering how, what, why, damn i couldn’t even say goodbye but when you wake up daily and raise their life into a lie… you should step forward and slap your own two front pairs of eyes, and mouth cause you purposely pressured the kids life into a lie …

hell so is my fucking life too!! Doing dumb ass shit and smart too!! People always wondering who my boo when they can’t even keep their own baggage secured and true😈 don’t know about bee until she opens the #bpaw to see #backtalkBEE BARKING AND BUZZING IN A TREE🐝🐾




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