Thinking how this world is divided and never reunited, taking younger souls to make life changing goals. How come the ones prior to us is up with the fuss, but they jump scream party bus? Life is not weird, it’s just mislead, silently provoked, causing greatness to catch a heat stroke and deathly choke. Why not read? Why not write; instead, you dominantly choosing to be right ? Confusing much, no touch, small lunch not even a chance of biscuits and brunch and you don’t think there’s a need for a limelight fight; well, cool..should have thought it through… i’m old skool.. boys drool, girls rule.. I’M MORE THAN A WOMAN, I’m created more powerful than a whirl pool. FUCKING FOOL #bpaw #backtalkBEE

you had one job,

you fucked it up…





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