Understand it or get ghost…

There comes a point of time in your life where the struggle gets realer than ever but you must stay down; remain clever. NEVER bite any hand that feeds you, ride for you or keep it 💯. Life too short for tailgating these haters. They do not even tip the lovers; instead, they try their hardest to create a miserable planet; do stupid shit to just give a stare like how? Are you that fucking lonely to tamper someone’s happiness?

See back then everyone was my friend, it was an always type of grin. why ? I was the clutch to making a nigga win. Fucking my life up, choosing sin as it chose me. I was beyond a risk taker you see, at some point I chose to silently walk the streets as

Izzy 🐝🖤™️



The lost of that deadweight I had to congratulate, then I turned sharply.. damn my family, why hate? I never took off your dinner plate, but through it all I stayed patient grew back my faith. now it’s my turn, you wait.

I never crawled, I walked, ran and balled.. Mama tripping it’s getting late, lol i was getting scolded for missing those calls, are you appalled yet? lol shouldn’t be, for I was this, that and the third ..

grab your toilet paper, Here’s to the shit I had to put up with .. catch my terd

BackTalkBee👥 🐝

#Blogger #Poet #Author #Writer

#PrivateDancer #Entertainer #Nudist


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