”Don’t worry about stopping the waves, just learn how to surf…”

Being a wild card,

Trying not to go too hard,

I had to think again,

They ain’t trying to see me win.

Call it what you want,

There’s a level to every madness,

And some things you just don’t sin,

So come again,

My patience been cutting thin.

I tolerate hardly much,

Wondering when you haters gonna understand you are always clutch.

Now here’s a sample appetite of that Izzy 🐝😈💦

Now here is some #backtalkBEE👥🐝🗣

You never know what is buzzing in my tree, I’m just trying to live in peace but hell can’t even do that for free. How come they wanna take everything from me? Why I cannot just be buzzing 🐝 growing tall you see? I just want to make it known, I’m pretty grown, and if you come at me with your opinion be ready to get hit with the fire stone. Straight facts, confidence is never what I lack.. Just having the wrong people climbing up my back. Now I’m back and still making progress. Keep track, count whatever sack, if you only knew about that empty pack.

#BeeStyler 🐝👏🏽💆🏽‍♂️💆🏽‍♀️🙌🏽#locsandstyles

#bpaw 🐝🐾📱🗣📚✒️

#backtalkBEE 👥🐝









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