Where do you stand in the LGBT community?

Lusting through the eyes of handsome and beauty,

Searching for suits and ties,

With a hint of pretty tasty pies,

Where are the wealthy?

I’m just over here screaming,

Fries before Guys.

To my tummy,

The fulfilling of it never lies.

Fake ass love,

I deeply despise.

My feelings towards anyone is never a disguise.

Standing with teamBEE all day,

Fuck a hater, and a foe.

That way!

If you have a problem with I,

Then me will be the solution.

I just ask that you watch how you speak to me,

I could careless if everything negative about me is what you say.

I am no lesbian, I am no gay, I am no bisexual, or transgender.

I am a feminist with nigga tendencies.

I embrace the beauty of all,

Looking for an answer,

Read between the lines,

I’m on-call.

Izzy B.







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