“Facts Over Feelings or Feelings Over Facts: Let me go in the coffee, and make some shower…”

LOL, our minds really can think ass backwards. The front side to that is WE DO NOTHING TO ADJUST, we simply let it ride. Hide all inside, soaking in only pride. YOU got to be shittin me, did you put in your brain that showering me with caramel fulfilling coffee was going to do the job? LOl, you silly tiny slob.  What are you? I am the most annoying booger you will ever meet. Now have a seat. Here is the real meet and greet.

“Sometimes you lose, Sometimes we lose”

I definitely can relate. I been getting rejected by that annoying ass booger for quite sometime now, and it is getting thicker by the second. That booger want my head, pretty much in my neck of the woods, Pronounced dead. Nevertheless, forgetting I am the head honcho in the bed. Honey Booger is a tricky friend, will ride or die to the end; however, it is that type of friend that only the enemy send.

“Silent Voice”
The Capabilities of the Queen Bee: One who out lives all, but has the shortest flying wings. Do not ever tempt the Queen Bee into coming out the hive, slight chances are you might not make it back alive.

I thought you knew about waking me up when I am in my most humble ways? NO consideration, ehh? That’s cool, time to put you back in the BEE SCHOOL , SESSION 099,

I am tired of you people who sit around talking about those responsibilities aint mine.

I am tired of you people who get out of line,

Then expect to return with seniority.


Should have stayed,

You snooze you lose.

That’s how that game is played.

Now you mad cause you under paid,

But you busting out squirts and nuts,

Yet, do not know where your seed’s head is laid.

Enuff Said…

Izzy Bee ❤







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