Remember where you started 90s now understand it’s the 2000s shit don’t come in just black n white anymore we definitely have a multicolor option #CATCHMYDRIFT #NOWPICKASHIFT

Don’t set in your ways coming from decades and centuries ago trying to figure out some of your methods get outdated. Well you should know you’re not obligated to perform any activities; however, coming for a chick like me please make sure you updated enough, I’m so tough. My skin can’t even shake me. I buzz but only when I’m being bothered in my tree.

Life you see,

It’s really funny.

End results always reflect around power and money.

Well homey, honey

In my neck of the woods,

Everything is all sunny.

Sometimes humid,

Craziness exposed.

Rain days,

Hardly any sleet and snow.

Where you gotta fight to win,

And win to succeed,

Plant your seed away,

True guaranteed.

No need to bee cautious,

Remain careful yet truthful.


Get back on task..

Remember the 90s ish..

Like the mask,

Now hand someone a flask,

I got the drink.

Make that shit sink,

I chose this way,

I fight for pink.

Now look away,

Don’t flinch.

Don’t blink.

Oh you that nigga who have heart,

Well maybe you should have thought that through.

I go hard from start.



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  1. Solid as a brick!! Talk your shit sis! I like this!!


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