Before my life actually began I had plenty,

Then I got here,

Beside me is hardly any,

I can count the genuine,

See the tension,

Recall when I had my first detention.

Then a fucking suspension…

Straight to in school..


I grew.

Some new.

And the ones who thought they were just cute,

And I felt as if I was better,

When did we commute?

I’m in the gym,

On the field,

Playing a lil 🎱 ..

Trying to secure a loot.

Bad thing is,

During my phases all was 🤐


I salute,

Never a foe,

Please spare me,

Lol 😂

Now let me go be THIS HOE..

Straight planting successful seeds,

It goes way back when my little cousin help me teach my son to read.

I’m on missions,

Never guarantees,

Fulfilling needs..

Wants, craving and wishing.

Always taking a risk I see,

Well just pray on..

I understand.

Now dance with the band,

Between your toes,

Walk in the sand.

Open your pores,

Build your villages and stores.

Love from the core,

For life should be happy not sore..

See I never have to worry,

I only speak true stories.


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