Silent Voice, the capabilities of a killa 🐝


You dudes really got these girls’ minds fucked up,

I spared you chick.

I don’t want that dick.

You like it all,

But this already something he licked.

Now stick to the script,

Don’t fall in love with,

I’m not liable for the I told you about my dawg solo;

You mad at me,

But some shit you should know,

I’m that bitch.


Never a hoe

But if you come for me again,

You ain’t gotta worry about checking..

Make your wallet empty,

Cause I’m about to over flow your stash…

Believe me this not even the bash.

I’ll reverse it and make sure you ash…

Let me sit you down,


How about a game of mash?🤪🤨🧐😎

#BACKTALKBEE #BPAW🐝🐾📱🗣📚✒️ come with

I’m SOLO key to anything, before a love make sure you have a friend. Why? Cause it’s more loyal that way. When you 💯 you never have to question bae 💩just works😈💜🐝🐾


#SilentVoice #thecapabilitiesofakillabee

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