I was once a little girl, but now…

I am found girl,

Tripping off my nappy curl.

Talking about some mama,

I can’t get this baton to twirl.

Hell ain’t no switch in my walk.

I can’t make my hips swirl.

Mama, where is the field?

I have hella deals.

You know the jittery feeling on the stage,

Well I got these dudes on rage.

They don’t even consider me normal.

The athlete is in me..

I can’t get down like I want…

Big Red and these females not even connecting on the same page.


My first real love moved away,

He had another family to deal with in a way.


I had to understand,

Forever really did not mean always.

See when I was a little girl,

I was always known to be the FAT GIRL…


Simply projected.

Not understanding how intelligent I really was,

I knew it was time for some major buzz.

Thought I was easy,

Haha try again.

I’m baby quarter back,

Keep it flowing left it breezy.

Now they looking like..


You do have some switch with that walk.

You do got a sexy lil talk.

You may do know a thing or two about being a boo.

Well guess again…

I did,

And fucking with another of your kind..

I forbid.

Now turn around,

Cover up..


You forgot the lid…

Here’s a dose of Killa 🐝,

No need to bid…

“SILENT VOICE” by Izzy B🐝🖤™️


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