I was a little girl, but now

I am a mother to a six year son who has a love and passion for particular action figures that society says my son should not have….


We good over here and shall continue to do what we do !! Raising a future king.. and as long as I have anything to do with He will never implement the behavior of the “Y Chromosome” near me.

Now here’s some #BACKTALKBEE

THEY SAY, “Boys should not do this or that since it will raise them to be gay.” Just like that THEY SAY, a woman should not do a man’s job. Well why the fuck I have to be a double parent? I didn’t ask for it, it CHOSE ME! Therefore, I go harder! And wish any person would try me! Remember The Highest is the Hardest and He do not like people testing me on my parenting skills.

Now here’s the kills.. I brought my son dolls for him and not for me having to explain to society why. My money, did you buy? My son, did you feed ? Life too short, so whatever he want he will get and trust me THERE IS NEVER A QUESTIONING ON WHAT HE NEED…WHY? God planted him inside me, MY OWN SEED. And living life to the fullest is our guaranteed.

So understand, before you judge or be bound to leave with a smudge or tasty fudge 😴 I am that chick! He’s that little guy yearning for completion. No need to explain, real life and treatment is what He gain. Now get off our … and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful rain..

Bully mine, and He will empty his own pain. His own person, so stop lurking. Taking care of his girls and guys that’s what he do and I promise ya, my main squeeze will be solid, A1 and TRUE ..

gang gang !! #BPAW🐝🐾📱🗣📚✒️

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