I was a little girl, but now…

I am a young woman.


Address me as I am,

Or fall short where you are.

Judging me,

Those two legs won’t walk far.

Talking about me bad,

I won’t lie to you,

God will be mad.

See little oh me,


Yeahhh I was a little girl.

See today,

I am a young woman.


I have much more to say.

Hurting your feelings is not my intentions,

But truth Bee told it may come off that way.

So hurting me still,

Nahhh I’m a young woman.

I can take it all,

Y’all know how I like to ball.


As time begin to show how I feel,

You may get sick of me.


Swallow this pill,


Scratch your ass and get glad.

I dished out final warnings.

Not coming for anyone,

I already won.


No time for the hating sun.

I only fucks with the true.

That artificial shit,

I’ll leave it to you.

Now since I’m a young woman what is there to do ?

Ohhh yeahhhh the responsibility stuff,

The part of life where it gets tough.

The sounds of greatness,

The moments of clarity,

Truth Bee Told,

When I was a little girl,

I was bold.

Now that I am a young woman,

That dumb shit pretty old.

God told me chill,

I gave you a youngin to scold.

And when I give you your king,


All in like the poker table,

I am a woman that’s only about remaining stable.

No need for the richest label.

That shit can be outdated,

Like the old shit that get mold.

Truth Bee Told,

I was a little girl, but now I am a young woman.

And eventually I’ll be even wiser and forever young but Old.







IZZY 🐝 🖤

Motivation on a Monday. Never stop chasing your dreams. Never stop believing in yourself. You are wise. You are a person that is important to the world in some type of way. You may be a positive OR negative factor; however, know that no one is greater than He who stands above all. Promise ya if you put God first, your wings will never fall.

God. Family. Career.


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