Real Life Issues

When you were born into this world, you smacked with the naked truth of REAL LIFE ISSUES. First off, it’s my “Whatever Wednesdays” and I really talk about whatever. I love to venture and do things right; however, I know life is a gamble and behind yours you have to be willing to not only fight. The crime rates are blasting off beyond the direction of the moon and sky. How can we all sit and talk when 3 months 21 days into the 2k18 many kids and teens have lost their lives due to violence at home and school… MANN SHIT AINT COOL.


Yes it is part of the REAL LIFE ISSUES to face; however, what happened to natural causes death? Things are outrageous…

Now to read one killed sister behind a game controller and knew exactly where to get the gun? Damn life is getting more complicated….how do you fix this ? How can you answer the why after the damage is done ?🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Mannnnn what happened to LOVE AND HAPPINESS WITH SOME PEACE AND JOY!! What happened to the family bbqs? Picnics? Reunions? Gatherings? Weekend parties from house to house ? Ohhhh yeahhh I see what it is now ..EVERYONE FOR THEMSELVES NOW…

I didn’t get that memo.. I WAS ✌🏽focus on trying to cherish the time and spread the love 💕 God put in my 💜


They want you to be great, but they do not want you to eat off that platinum dinner plate; therefore, invite them over, VIP STYLE… raise that tall glass, hand them that GREAT FOOD, wine down dat ass, and give them 🐝 with a dab of 🍯 they gonna need it before it gets sunny ☀️ 😎 TOO MUCH REAL LIFE ISSUES OUT HERE .. my heart cries many of tears, creating life in reality shouldn’t have this many fears.. thankful that I have a strong God, who never fails to appear 😇

Izzy 🐝 ™️💛



#IzzyBTheAuthor 📚



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