Honey Bee, More like a Killa…

Worrying about what others may feel should be no where near your mind. For instance, they still eating good, sleeping well, and living a lavishing life. SO, why ponder? You should not ever ! FYI: It is 2018, I wish I would get left behind. I am no saint, but I know what I aint. Life never stops, and neither does death; therefore, I will outshine myself and be the Warrior Queen that I am called to be. I dare anyone to fuck with me while there is a Killer Bee resting quietly in a green cactus tree. She does not like to be disturb; however, seems like this life we living lacking compassion. Too many young assassins not enough role models. Myself has been my only competition.. You see, I bring trouble to the close minded, and higher learning to the open. I am only one human who tends to have ghost haters or fake ass support. hahaha I wish I would get summons to a court if it aint my fault. EVERYTHING MUST GO, EVEN YOUR VAULT. I am awake now..


Exiting the room where there was bookoo bees, Hunnie notice one that was overly buzzing..




Squad takes off….



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