#BACKTALKBEE- Justice For Aniya

Knowing that your little girl is out of sight, I pray that you are not resting well at night. It is beyond crazy, but do you know in my city how many mothers you would have to fight. There will be no more light. KNOCKED OUT FOR LIFE! You lucky all you got was behind bars cause in reality I could only imagine how many people would run you over with their cars. Hell I do not even have one, but if I seen you just know I was going to accelerate, too. Girl you a bold chick? All behind a dick? smh! and he out, now you looking dumb probably, trying to figure out how to take this lick….

Baby girl you should not stop praying, you should not get off your knees. You are dead wrong, that is a child who was taken away because of you. SMH I cannot say the dad is a perfect parent, but if this man was fighting for his child and you really did not want her BITCH ITS CALLED VISITATION RIGHTS, grab a day or two… simply none DUMB ASS BROAD!!! HELL COULD HAVE JUST SIGNED YOUR RIGHTS OVER, instead you wanna kill the baby.. GIRL I do not know you but ughhh I DESPISE PARENT KILLERS AND DEADBEATS!!!

All in all, if you are one I really hope yall get killed with karma badly since yall doing kids wrong gladly. I am upset for this man and family regardless to the unknown; It is really fucked up that a 4-year-old life is resting in heaven; it is really devastating. I could have seen if it was from a natural cause, man this lady deserves everything coming to her plus more. When a person messes over a child to me they have no core; therefore, any damage to them should brutally sore.

Rest In Heaven #JusticeforAniya

Izzy Bee


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