Remain Solid and True :-)

As long as I have strength and breath in my body, I refuse to lose. Quitting was never an option, so what makes you believe it is one today? Many people know my pain, while others only see the rain, TRYING TO LABEL ME… as insane. How dare you people who I love so much fuck me over like a star crunch…then it again that was my fault thinking life is reality like the Brady brunch.

Moving right along…

 If one knows that God is bigger than anything, It is me. This Man have me held so close that I did not know how tight a grip could be. I was like a butterfly flying for answers instead of meeting Him for nesting in that tree. He made me this wild card before I was born, now all you looking back TORN! My bad, did you finally get hit with your acorn? Awww let me kiss it for you… hahaha I DON’T WANT IT ANYMORE LOL…TIME TO JET, I’ll continue to coast and let them boast, HERE’S TO NO MORE FAKE ASS SUPPORT. GRAB THAT WINE GLASS, NOW LET’S TOAST!

 Now read at your own risk, I am not liable for the emotions that you may feel. I been at the word play, it just comes accordingly each day.

I asked a few weeks on my Facebook: “If a $100 a week was your check, how would you feel?” Some answered that they would thank God and  be grateful since it is not $0; whereas some distressfully thought how could this be life? Where is the rainbow to this story? Is that even possible?

There are plenty of thunderstorms coming, and not enough suns shining. Cloudy and raining weather means God is crying, as my Big Mama would tell me; sitting on her porch daily after school learning about everything that is happening around. Moving with no sound, fighting for some common ground. You have to be shitting me….

Now life can and will be a BAD  B.I.T.C.H. yet, I appreciate it due to the greatest experiences it has taught me, and greatest creation it has given me. It showed me how to deal with just about anyone, INCLUDING MY POLICE ASS FAMILY AND FIRE ASS FOES ..IthankYOU. Had yall not hated me for my shifts, I would have not checked back to my deepest passion..PHEWWWW that shit was close, trying to mend things thats more broken than a dose.. once the limelight hits the MIDDLE target… BOOM…shift gears, NO MORE FEARS!!! #BACKTALKBEE is throwing out spears! forget the shade that can wait, I feel like it’s early never late, but when God shuts that gate.. your mind DOOMED…while others have to assume..

See when I aim, I always listen to coach but from me expect to receive a bunt, hit, slap, pop up, hell even a line drive. Nahh don’t get clotheslined.. I am quicker than my presence may show.  Just know I am beyond versatile so, being a people pleaser was never all it. I was the chick who stayed in the ball pit, thuggin with the fellas until my mama shut my festivities down. Yes, I was hitting a few of those pitches out the ball park in my town. Now, of course I cannot be a superstar everywhere, but damn being a softball player was definitely my mission.. haha until I struck out and had to drop down to a new position.

Pushing forward, Power movement.

parentHOOD: English (Noun) the state of being a parent and the responsibilities involved.

Living the life of a double-parent gets interesting. My mind gets blown away about the bond that is being created amongst me and my son; however, raising any child alone is REALLY OUT FUCKING DATED!! Time to be more alert, do I need to slap you across the face five times? Or Shall I continue with five more rhymes. Then again, I believe you deserve all ten multiply the 3 dollars you sent way back when ,too.. DONT WORRY, it’s all good, I have you boo. I appreciate all that backwood, you broke it down. YOU FUCKIN CLOWN, lol DROWN DUDE DROWN, that smile I once had about you might as well hang that up.. I’m holding down this YOUNG E PUP. Might as well get ya lil naps in, soon it will be TEAM NO SLEEP!  Your resting days are up, Had you not awaken LITTLE BO PEEP.. lola bunny would not have to hear her little kit feet stamping and crying weep weep weep. Should have taught you better than approaching a powerful BLACK SHEEP 🙂

Moral of this message is I am beyond broken and torn, yet God has healed me. Gave me my moves to be reborn. Now if you like me, cool. Love me, YOU RULE, and if you hate me remember to always thug with me, remain solid and true 🙂

All in all having to balance a healthy lifestyle as a double parent for two individuals off a shitty check might as well call the ambulance. I AM SICK OF IT as the average would mouth off where as I could not do anything besides make more moves, sometimes risky ones; for example, purchasing my first vehicle, Lil Red a Stay Tuned.

Izzy 🐝™🖤💛🖤

#IzzyBTheBlogger 💻


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