First, my obedience shouts loud to God and his darling son Jesus; both are the most powerful leaders of my life, HNIC. Without the dynamic duo, my world would be pretty confused. Over and over I come to tell myself I am suppose to do this since….. then I am suppose to do that because of….. well this and that is no more. I am over the indecisive part of me, time to spread my wings and fly free like the social butterfly since people cannot take me for who I am.
Truth be told  I was a real hard up people pleaser. Although, it was never intended for me to fit it in I learned that my heart loves people. I love to see them happy, I love to see when they are succeeding, and making moves to being a better them. Yes, People do excite me…..
Until I realize these people also means you NO GOOD!! KICKED ME STRAIGHT IN THE END ZONE, TOO FAR, could not land that field goal cause they forget I am  JUST RIGHT. SMH! Yes, I fight. I give you the left #BPAW or write what is right. Understand the difference though, If I am suppose to beat your ass for disrespecting me then that is what it is gonna be; however, if I can duke it out with words over some tea and be more lady like then that is what’s happenin as long as I remain dry. Simply stating, I cannot control Queen Bee. She stay buzzing and bIZZY in that tree.
Dear Janea,
You are an amazing person inside and out. If you never believed it then, please start now. I am not saying you are going to see great days every day since real life and death happens; however, remember to make each day better than before and grind hard from the core. Talk less, Give More cause by the end of the day when it is all said and done before you close your eyes at the end of each day, you should always feel that you won.
Izzy Bee ™

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