They Just Be Peeping…

When I start to look at you my eyes have to wander away. Your eyes make me wanna stare longer, your lips make me wanna kiss you passionately, the touch of your hands I could only imagine cause when you get a lil close, my mind go into overdose.

Learning how to control emotional waves can be some major test since everyone you meet is not for your heat. But when you see something approachable, you definitely wanna feel at your best even when you do not look it.


INFATUATION IS ONE ADDICTION MANY CANNOT ESCAPE. It makes you crave others in ways that sometimes actions handle the explaining. Truth bee tells is that most new feelings can be avoided by redirection; however, when that channel in your mind plays over and over you tend to watch it and seek common interest. Overall, everyone be careful while you out there seeking cause there are those that will confuse you. They just be peeping.

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The last month of the year, and you still unsure of where you want to be since you cannot be in two places at once… sucks yeahhh I know. However, what is important that you suck up your pride, make things happen even if nobody wants to see your success. You were given your life to prosper and prevail to victory.

You are self made, you are always an upgrade. You should never think less of yourself. You are powerful. There are a million and one people probably out there doing things that you do but always jot down this to your brain.. NOBODY WILL EVER DO IT LIKE YOU!! #HappySunday

Ayzia and Bam

The two love birds finally reunited after Ayzia’s long time being held in confinement. When you are violating your probation things like that take place; therefore, be careful since it really is you do the crime, you pay with time. Ayzia missed her Bam so much she could not stop embracing her. She finally felt her cuddle buddy face to face. They both were so surprise that the moment finally was happening that when they woke up they realize it was not a dream..

“Babeee it is really you,” Bam said as she jumped on Ayzia. She started kissing her immediately, caressing her glazing body. Ayzia instantly got it poppin. She flipped Bam on her back as she started grazing her softly caressing her nipples to the point wetness began to appear. Working her way down to her navel Ayzia stopped and told Bam.. ” Damn I been waiting to love on you bae, I been waiting for this moment, especially to look into the hazel eyes. I missed you like crazy girl.” Then she proceeded. Bam looking into lala land like this shit about to be extra great.


Any day now my hunny will be coming home, but damn I’m still trying to have a bit more fun. I have to go super hard because once she is home no telling what type of changes I will be dealing with. Once last sleep over for the Bam.

There was an invite sent out to two people for a late night exclusive, both immediately accepted when it said free entrance and bring a buddy. They hit up their buddies to be ready by 9.

Time did not stand still long, the door bell rung and the host opened the door guiding the guest to the show room where the music was jumping. Bam entered the room in some knee high leather boots with a cat suit on that was squeezing every curve of the hour glass body shaped. Her breast set super pretty through the mesh brazier material where her nipple rings poked out. Let’s just say Bam was on full. She was the baddest in the room and all eyes were on her like some new tasty chocolate.

One couple immediately made their way towards her; they knew what time it was when that ass jiggled while she walked in. The wife of the couple grabbed her husband to tongue down Bam. She did not hesitate to kiss back. The steam in the room began to take off once Bam started dancing and stripping down to her undergarments. The other couple flames began to heat up once the goddess was standing completely nude.They wanted in too. They couldn’t pass up an opportunity of playing with something tight, wet and soft.

Then boom..
Waking up from an exotic dream, next to Bam was Ayzia. She immediately kissed her lips and tears of happiness fell down from her sleeping eyes…


It’s 3 in the morning , Ayzia woke up thinking about a long hard piece of wood mixed in the equation of her and Bam; soft skin caressing amongst each other, kisses in places that the sun do not shine in.. then she thought to herself as she tossed over and realized she was still alone, “damn… I still have one more day of this bullshit.”

The Next Day..

It was 3 am again, but this time Ayzia was getting released. After 10 months of serving wasteful time, Ayzia could not wait to get home to Bam. She missed her like people loving on that pop eye’s chicken sandwich.

“No Title For Now.. Rough Draft”

All I ever imagine was loving me one black man for the rest of my life, raising kids and living life but then when all i see is them playing cat and mouse not wanting to build a real house to create a home well now… IM OVER IT IM SICK OF IT I CANT SAY I HATE YALL BUT I DEFINITELY WILL NOT PUT MY TRUST INTO LOVING ANOTHER ONE …

Time to experience way different

I dont need no step daddies

I dont need no more bullshit from none of yall

I dont need no fake love yous

I dont need no fake compliments

I dont need it!

Fuck a marriage (no disrespect to those that are happy in love, THANK GOD THERE ARE A FEW PEOPLE THAT CAN STILL IMPLEMENT IT GENUINELY) I wish the fuck I would ever say I do to any of yall.. yall cant even stop saying i do to these whack ass homewrecking hoes !!

At this point if you take me out I AINT PAYING FOR SHIT UNLESS I OFFER TO TAKE YOU OUT TBH MIGHT MAKE IT A DUTCH DATE THEN 🤷🏽‍♀️ oh yeahhh dont be looking for no meet n greet with my kids ..none of that overnight shit one nights no nights… take my black ass back home and carry on with your night!!

NOT ALL BLACK MEN BUT MAJORITY OF YALL ARE FUCKING STUPID!! Yall need to get it together for real for real!! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ i hate that it had come to this point, but let me give yall a prediction for this 2020 vision thats awaiting to take place I WILL NEVER LOSE and TAKING ANOTHER BLACK MAN SERIOUS TO DATE HAHAHA HELL GON BE FROZEN BEFORE THAT HAPPENS AGAIN!





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A pencil is poison, A pen bleeds ink. Either damage can be permanent, but both of them write. Both have been proven to get erased;yet,one leaves such a stronger taste that cannot be copied or pasted. Erasing the pencil shedding away, ughhh feeling like time has been wasted. My work is still incomplete, and soon I will have to get up with my two feet go to class, hand this effortless assignment in, hopefully I pass. I bullshitted through the information this time, awww damn my paper is a slime. Drum Roll Please, BOOM I DID IT! Finessed my dime. 10 out of 10, I can grin again.

With my pencil I can achieve anything, with my pen I will get everything. With both, I will dominate something from nothing form it into its sharpness from the lead. I will lead the pencil and pen to its breaking point that only victory comes after. I will resharpen and supply more ink, with my pencil and pen I have everything I need. I will not sink, I will make my haters constantly blink. With my pencil and pen no one can stop my progress. Now let me write these books and fix this shitty mess. This world is a regress but as a strong individual, I will stand out from the rest, especially with my pencil and pen that I only choose to carry and win.

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